Adoption Advertising Laws

Adoption advertising laws

vary between states. 

In most states, only licensed adoption agencies are allowed to advertise for adoption; however, some states also permit advertising by biological parents, adoptive parents, and attorneys.


Thirty-three states restrict adoption advertising.
Laws are not followed or enforced. Enforcement is needed.
Laws are not followed or enforced. Enforcement is needed.


Fifteen states + DC have no laws about adoption advertising.
No laws = No protection. New laws are needed.
No laws = No protection. New laws are needed.


Two states allow unlicensed adoption brokers to advertise.
Amended laws are needed.
Amended laws are needed.

Even in states where adoption advertising is restricted, the laws are not followed or enforced.

This lapse has created an opportunity for unlicensed adoption brokers and out-of-state providers to flood the internet with predatory ads targeting pregnant women who are considering adoption.

But when unlicensed adoption brokers and out-of-state providers arrange adoptions, expectant mothers and adoptive parents miss out on the essential support services they would receive from a local, licensed adoption provider.




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Misleading adoption advertising adds to the confusion and stress of vulnerable women and families who are already dealing with challenging circumstances.


Use our interactive maps to find out where adoption advertising is allowed,
and the AdoptChange Advocacy Toolkit to urge lawmakers to support pending legislation,
enforce existing laws, and create new ones where necessary.

Advertising Laws Map (9.29.23)
Adoption Advertising Laws
Alabama Alabama
Alaska Alaska
Arizona Arizona
Arkansas Arkansas
California California
Colorado Colorado
Connecticut Connecticut
Delaware Delaware
Florida Florida
Georgia Georgia
Hawaii Hawaii
Idaho Idaho
Illinois Illinois
Indiana Indiana
Iowa Iowa
Kansas Kansas
Kentucky Kentucky
Louisiana Louisiana
Maine Maine
Maryland Maryland
Massachusetts Massachusetts
Michigan Michigan
Minnesota Minnesota
Mississippi Mississippi
Missouri Missouri
Montana Montana
Nebraska Nebraska
Nevada Nevada
New Hampshire New Hampshire
New Jersey New Jersey
New Mexico New Mexico
New York New York
North Carolina North Carolina
North Dakota North Dakota
Ohio Ohio
Oklahoma Oklahoma
Oregon Oregon
Pennsylvania Pennsylvania
Rhode Island Rhode Island
South Carolina South Carolina
South Dakota South Dakota
Tennessee Tennessee
Texas Texas
Utah Utah
Vermont Vermont
Virginia Virginia
Washington Washington
West Virginia West Virginia
Wisconsin Wisconsin
Wyoming Wyoming
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