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AdoptChange is involved in on-going efforts to draft and advocate for new laws to promote ethics and transparency in adoptions. Below are some of the legislative efforts we are involved in that we're very proud to share with you. You can click the button below each proposed law to learn more and easily write your congressional representatives in support!

The ADOPT Act!

Unlicensed intermediaries are unregulated for-profit entities that act as middlemen between pregnant women and adoptive families in exchange for a fee ranging from $18,000 to $45,000. When working with unlicensed adoption entities or with providers not licensed in their state, pregnant women are often deprived of essential support services, including counseling, legal representation, housing, and parenting support, and adoptive parents can fall prey to deceptive business practices, fraudulent omission of social/medical information, and predatory fee structures.




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The Adoption Counts Act!

The federal government has not collected data on private adoptions since 1975. If the Adoption Counts Act is passed, states would report private adoption data to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Policymakers require data to make informed decisions, and the Adoption Counts Act would help them better understand the landscape of private domestic adoptions to help create positive change. Support the federal collection of adoption data!

Speak up for vulnerable women, children, and families. Ask your lawmakers to protect domestic adoption.

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It's time to take action against the commodification of children.

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