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Finding trustworthy adoption information online can be challenging if you're considering adoption, hoping to adopt, or seeking a referral for someone who needs help with adoption. Our search tool helps simplify the process by allowing you to identify reputable licensed adoption providers and avoid unlicensed intermediaries. Simply enter the provider's name, organization name, or website domain below to get started.

         Search Tips:

    • Adoption entities often use similar names, so be as exact as you can.
    • If the search result includes multiple results, try searching by domain instead.

We aim to make adoption provider data accessible and accurate so you can make informed decisions when choosing an adoption provider. In gathering data, we rely on vetted sources, including Guidestar, Corporation Wiki, and governmental agencies, to ensure up-to-date information; however, as some data may be inaccurate, it is offered without any warranty. Please contact us if you discover any errors or omissions.


Learn why working with a licensed adoption provider who adheres to high ethical standards is essential.