State Laws:
Post-Adoption Contact Agreements

Contact agreements are written agreements between the adoptive parents and the birth parents that describe the kind of contact and communication they will have as the child grows up.

In some states, contact agreements are filed with the court and are enforceable. This means that adoptive parents are legally required to follow through with the sort of contact they agreed upon unless the court decides it is not in the child’s best interest.

Contact agreements are enforceable in some states, but not in others. 


In twenty-seven states and D.C., contact agreements are filed with the court and are enforceable.


Ten states have laws which expressly deny enforceability to contact agreements.
New laws are needed.
New laws are needed.


In thirteen states the law is silent on contact agreements, meaning they are unenforceable.
New laws are needed.
New laws are needed.


Enforceable contact agreements establish healthy boundaries, clear expectations, and a foundation of trust. 


Importantly, they also offer birth parents reassurance and peace of mind that they will maintain a connection with their children as they grow up. 




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When a birth mother places her child for adoption, she gives up her parental rights over her child. An enforceable contact agreement is not too much to offer her in return.


Use our interactive maps to find out which states allow for enforceable post-adoption contact agreements and which states need new laws.  Join the AdoptChange Task Force in your state to support pending legislation, enforce existing laws, and create new ones where necessary.

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Post-Adoption Contact Agreement Laws
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